Spiritual Space Cleansing Guidance

Spiritual Space Cleansing Guidance

What is Negative Energy?

It is an “unwanted” energy, but we can say negative energy as well. Negative energy is created, most of the time, through negative thoughts and emotions. Maybe you had a bad, stressful day, or you had an argument with your partner or your kids. All the thoughts, words and emotions of this moment will leave energy that can be absorbed by your home, and by all of the objects found in there. Everything is energy. Our thoughts, connected with emotions, is very strong energy indeed, that can influence the energy in the house in a bad or good way.

Consultation Guidance Includes

  • Steps to do before Spiritual Space Cleansing.
  • Do’s & Dont’s of Spiritual Space Cleansing.
  • About an Anchor Point.
  • Tools needed.
  • Attune your tools.
  • About Your Intention.
  • Breaking up negative energy.
  • Bring in Positive Energy with “Buddha Self Love” Aura/Space Energy Purification Crystal Infused Mist Spray to attract positive energy.
  • About Your Gratitude.
  • Mantra for space cleansing process.
  • “Buddha Self Love” Energised Salt Bath Kit to remove negative energy after space cleansing process.

Note: This Spiritual Space Cleansing doesn’t include spirits & ghost removal. It is just removing negative vibrations or stagnant energy in the home/space.