Spiritual Protection & Energy cleansing


Consultation Guidance Includes

Spiritual Protection & Energy Cleansing support you when you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually imbalanced. These are great whenever you feel you need energetic support. It includes as follows:

  • For Sensitive people (Other people’s problem affects their emotion & body): Guidance to close down your sensitivity.
  • Guidance to prevent energy-draining & energy cords.
  • Soul attune with heart meditation to creates empowerment with Heart balancing meditation music.
  • Energy Cleansing Tools for Emotional Healing and Purification.
  • How to use Energy Cleansing Tools.
  • My exclusive energised products of “Buddha Self Love”.
  • “Buddha Self Love” Energised Salt Bath Kit to remove negative energy.
  • “Buddha Self Love” Aura/Space Energy Cleanse Crystal Infused Mist Spray to remove negative energy.
  • “Buddha Self Love” Aura/Space Energy Purification Crystal Infused Mist Spray to attract positive energy.
  • Guidance in creating your sacred divine altar.
  • Letting Go & Manifestation Rituals (Optional – If interested).
  • Energised crystals kit for Protection to be carried with you.

Lee guide to Empower you and remind you that you are a powerful personal Creator.