Feng Shui Wooden Guan Yin-Goddess of Mercy Protection Hanging for Front Door


Material: Wood.
Size: 35cm.


Cleansing Method: Place it under the sun from 11am – 1pm. Burn the sandalwood cone incense and cleanse the product front & back with its smoke for 2 mins after then only place it. Do this process with 3 sandalwood incense sticks once a month.


This Guan Yin Hanging is a special cure and needs to be placed to protect against physical and psychic attack. Also known as Guan Yin Goddess of mercy and compassion; it is said that anyone who calls on her will be rescued from harm and bad health. When hanged on the front door she cleanses the home of negative influences, including arguments, martial problems and illness. Guan Yin is also the protector of all children and women and brings compassion and love into your home. Due to her commitment to helping humans, she is approached with any concerns, troubles, or worries. Be it family, career, health or relationships, no trouble is too big to be brought to the motherly and all-powerful energy of Guan Yin.

  1. You can also place the of Guan Yin hanging on your front door, facing the entrance. This will create a protective quality of energy at your entrance (the mouth of Chi), as well as the most welcoming sight when coming home.
  2. Never place your Quan Yin Hanging on the floor, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. A height of at least 5 feet and above is recommended for the good feng shui placement of your Guan Yin Hanging.

IMPORTANT: Kindly Consult before purchasing it.


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