Feng Shui Pyramid Laughing Buddha Metal 6 Bells Windchimes for Peace & Positive Energy


Material: Metal.

Height: 26 inches.


Cleansing Method: Place it under the sun from 11am – 1pm. Burn the sandalwood cone incense and cleanse the product front & back with its smoke for 2 mins after then only place it. Do this process with 3 sandalwood incense sticks once a month.


Good chi moves slowly, when chi flows to fast it become bad, fast moving chi will ring the wind chime, the sound of the wind chime will slow down the chi from moving to fast, therefore turning bad chi into good chi circling your house. This six metal bells wind chime is particularly potent and symbolizes help from heaven. This wind chime is also excellent for enhancing the energy of the West, Northwest & North.

They eliminate depression through the sounds that have a direct effect on the mind and on the energy centers of the entire body. They increase creativity. They have a strong aesthetic impact.

It helps in ushering abundance of positive energy in a home. It also promote healing, good health and a healthy body, it is equally important to heal the mind and declutter it, to promote positive thoughts.

They tap into the ancient Chinese deification of sound energy. That sacred energy translates to the unspoken power to capture the wind, harness its potency, and place it in the service of a higher good: your pleasure, prosperity, and good fortune.

If you are seeking peace and calm at any point of time, it will help you to connect your soul with the Universe. The beautiful sounds of this chime will bring you the much needed peace of mind; promote meditation and a calm that one often seeks at the end of a long winding day. The ideal place to hang this wind chime is your living room. If you want to promote peace and happiness in the family, as it will bring in happiness and togetherness in a family. It will help in making a house into a home.

Note: Please do not hang a windchime directly above where you sleep, sit, eat, work or stand. Your energy will be suppressed.


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