Feng Shui Metal Magic Square Lucky Tortoise for Wish Fulfilment


Material: Metal.


Cleansing Method: Place it under the sun from 11am – 1pm. Burn the sandalwood cone incense and cleanse the product front & back with its smoke for 2 mins after then only place it. Do this process with 3 sandalwood incense sticks once a month.


In Feng Shui, Tortoise is considered as a spiritual creature which indicates longevity. It is a great way to channelise the positive energy within the house/shop.

So the numbers in the Magic Square are special, but why are they called magic? It seems that from ancient times they were connected with the supernatural and magical world. The earliest record of magic squares is about 2200 BC. and is called “Lo-Shu” Square. There’s a legend that says that the Emperor Yu saw this magic square on the back of a divine tortoise in the Yellow River.

The black knots show even numbers and the white knots show odd numbers. Look closely and you’ll see that this ancient magic square is the same as our example above.

Ritual of keeping tortoise for wish fulfilment

As per Feng Shui, tortoise can be used for wish fulfilment too. After Cleansing Process, Start the process on Friday, open the shell of the tortoise and write any God’s Name which you believe in and next line write your wish (as if you already achieved it) on a small square yellow paper with a red ink and 3 times fold the paper Pyramid shape. Place this paper inside the tortoise with 1-2 pinch of rice & vermilion and close it. After this, place the tortoise on your pooja altar, Light diya & 3 incense sticks and say your wish 9 times. Do this process till your wish gets fullfilled. On the fulfilment of your wish, remove the paper and cleanse the tortoise with given cleansing process.

Important: This Tortoise works on Law of Attraction process and works according to universe. So write a wish which is achievable.


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