Feng Shui Golden OM Metal 5 Rods Windchimes to Remove Negative Energy


Material: Metal.

Height: 16 inches.

Rod Height: 6 inches (Irregular)


Cleansing Method: Place it under the sun from 11am – 1pm. Burn the sandalwood cone incense and cleanse the product front & back with its smoke for 2 mins after then only place it. Do this process with 3 sandalwood incense sticks once a month.


5 Rods Windchimes in Feng Shui represents EARTH and attracts excellent chi and prosperity from 5 cardinal directions, namely North, South, East, West and Center. This leads to overall improvement of fortune and good luck, while overpowering or subduing bad luck coming from all the 5 directions. This windchime is normally used as cures for toilets in wrong orientation and places afflicted with poison arrows and bad energy. Made with light metal, they produce very nice musical tones when blowed by wind.

This Windchimes are unquestionably the most powerful enhancer and cure for many Feng Shui situations. Windchimes are potent enough to maneuver and enhance chi wherever it is placed. They make a significant presence especially for those who do not want to spend too much money to modify buildings and large structures due to bad Feng Shui.

We recommend the following locations for hanging of your windchimes:

1. This Energised Windchimes can also diffuse killing chi (poison arrows) from T-junction, lamp post, straight pole, tree and oppressing large building too close for comfort directly in front of your house. It can also remedy killing chi (poison arrows) coming from sharp angles, corners of buildings and roof ridges of your neighbours pointing at your front doors.
2. It nourishes chi, and turns any harmful chi that enter our homes into good chi, through any entry points such as doors and windows without us knowing it.
3. It can slow down rushing chi or suppress bad chi or diffuse chi or raise chi to the roof.
4. It is recommended for Bathroom, Kitchen, Stairs, Front door Remedies.

Note: Please do not hang a windchime directly above where you sleep, sit, eat, work or stand. Your energy will be suppressed.


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