Feng Shui Faceted Crystal Ball with Red String – 40mm


Size: 40mm.

Material: Crystal.


Cleansing Method: Place it under the sun from 11am – 1pm. Burn the sandalwood cone incense and cleanse the product front & back with its smoke for 2 mins after then only place it. Do this process with 3 sandalwood incense sticks once a month.


Feng Shui Faceted Crystal Ball disperse the flow of bad energy and to activate and enhance the energy of any area.  Crystals are splendid symbols of the earth element, which are often hung from windows.  This brings good energy into any area of the home, office or hallway. It can be used to disperse the bad energy of sharp corners, ceiling beam edges and hard edged columns. .

Benefits of Feng Shui Faceted Crystal Ball:

1. Stop clashing elements.

The most common way to use a faceted crystal comes about when a stove and a sink are opposite one another. This can cause a clash between fire and water, and often promotes strong arguments between the man and woman of the house.

2. Curb running chi.

When there’s energy that’s moving too quickly, such as stairs that face a doorway, hanging a crystal here is an excellent way to stop the energy from moving too quickly. This is especially helpful when the stairs are close to the front door or when there is a front door-back door/window alignment. If there’s a long way between the front and back door or window, hang more than one crystal between them. This is also a good way to slow down chi in a long hallway.

3. Cures poison arrows.

A crystal between the corner and your bed or desk will help stop the arrow and disperse the chi.

4. Promotes mentor and helpful people luck.

Crystals in the northwest corner will help bring mentors to you, promote international business and travel, and bring helpful people to your aid. White, purple and yellow crystals are best in this corner.

5. Arguing doors.

This is when there are three or more doors in a small area or two doors that oppose one another. Stop the arguing and bickering by hanging a crystal in between the doors.

6. Promote concentration.

If thinking is muddled and thoughts are unclear, add a crystal to wherever study or work activities occur. Hanging a crystal in this area will help promote concentration and clear thoughts.



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