Feng Shui Backflow Incense Cones to Remove Negative Energy – Mixed – 20pcs


Incense Cone Height: 2.8cm.

No. of Incense Cones: 20pcs.

Incense Aroma: Mixed.

Location: Home-Living Room, Shop, Salon, Cash Counter, Hotel & Restaurant Reception area etc.

Features: Good Stability, Quick, Natural, Useful, Nice Fragrance.


Feng Shui Backflow Incense Cones helps in Space Cleansing, Smell Removing & removing negative chi around the house. Homes & offices can retain the energy of the previous owners or occupants. Maybe things are not going well in your life & career. This could be due to stagnant negative energy, spirits or entities. Burning incense is used in Feng Shui to clear out negativity.

CLEANSING A SPACE: First, thoroughly clean the space. Get rid of all clutter then sweep, dust & mop the areas. Open the windows to allow fresh air to flow into the room. Put your burning incense (in a holder) place it in the middle of the room. Releasing Negative Energy, Welcoming Positive Energy. Positive energy is carried by the smoke and released into the universe. Burn it every morning before starting your work.

Safety Note: Never leave a burning item alone in a room. Always use caution.


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