Feng Shui Elements


FIRE is the most “Yang” of all the five elements. We can use color red, any form of fire, candles, lights or red night or table lamp.


EARTH is an interesting element rather than the significance of dirt. Earth represent the Mountain, Clay, Terracotta, Ceramic & Porcelain.


METAL can be found in all forms. Copper, Silver, Gold, Aluminum & Bronze. Feng Shui is about creating a beautiful environment in your living space. Make sure metal is rounded and pleasant, not pointed and sharp looking. Objects that are easily seen as Feng Shui cure are not recommended. They should get involved with the environment and be beautiful.


WATER is a one of the useful element. It should be clean, clear and flowing. Aquarium or metal fountain should be used. It has always been related to success and wealth. It is represented by blue or black colors. If used incorrectly, it can cause harm to an individual. Eg. Relationships, Health, or Money.


WOOD is the origin of the five elemental cycle. Many people mistakenly use wood furniture as a cure. The problem with wood furniture is that it is considered as death. Plants purify the air we breathe and can provide a natural filter for the air in an environment. So If you are looking for Any Feng Shui Consultation Online then Feel Free to Contact Us On  +91 9953280252 | leeclassicalfengshui@gmail.com