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Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement. And if your home isn’t placed well in the environment, it doesn’t matter where your staircase or toilet is located.

1. BELOW STREET LEVEL: When a home is below street level, this creates problems. This means that life feels like one giant obstacle. Being below ground is for the dead, not the living.

2. T-INTERSECTION/POISON ARROW: Poison arrows are caused when something, like a street or a tree, is aimed at your house or front door. These can be very serious. The poison arrow aimed at the house causes health, relationship or financial problems.

3. FIREPLACE OR KITCHEN IN NORTHWEST: The northwest corner is called the “Heavenly palace.” When this corner is afflicted by fire, such as a fireplace, kitchen, or even a gas stove, this is called “fire in heaven,” and can cause a severe loss for the man of the house.

4. BACKWARDS SLOPE: When a house has land that slopes down from the back of the house, it causes the house and the occupants to lose that vital support. It’s a lot like sitting on a stool all day; you can do it, but you become very fatigued.

5. FUNNEL SHAPE: House shaped like a funnel, larger at the front and growing small toward the back. Finances and vitality will slowly drain away, accumulating money will be very difficult, and health problems can come up.

6. BED ALIGNS WITH BATHROOM DOOR/FIXTURE: A very serious arrangement is when the bedroom is aligned with a bathroom door. It is a potential for very serious loss – such as bad health, major accident, death or bankruptcy.

7. FRONT DOOR – BACK DOOR/WINDOW ALIGNMENT: Chi enters the house through the front door and when it’s aligned with a back door or window, energy will rush through the house, this creates major spending problems.

Important: Kindly consult any Feng Shui Consultant/Expert before making any changes.

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Every house has its good qualities and bad qualities. It is very difficult to find a good feng shui house but its not impossible.

1. ATTRACTIVENESS OF A PROPERTY: A good feng shui is the bright hall. They invite chi to stay in a place and build slowly before entering the house. Another good feng shui is the wide green lawn in front of the house.

2. PROMINENT FRONT DOOR: The front door is the point of entry for chi for the entire home. When a door is attractive, clean, freshly painted and is surrounded by plants or flanked by lighting or blooming flowers, it naturally attracts beneficial energy.

3. KITCHEN AT THE REAR OF THE HOUSE: When a kitchen is close to the front of the house, the luck of the house is affected. Kitchens inhibit luck in general, so having them at the front isn’t an auspicious arrangement.

4. GOOD SITTING: The way a home is sited on the property and even the street can make a difference. There should be a balance of trees on the left and right side. There should be attractive views from the front of the house.

5. STAIRCASE IS TURNED AWAY FROM THE DOOR: When a staircase faces the front door, money and energy can run out including the stairs are very close to the front door.

6. BALANCED WINDOWS & DOORS: The house should always have a clear front door. Some homes have a door near the front door, chi will be “confused” and this can cut off energy to the house. There shouldn’t be too many windows.

7. BEDROOMS ARE WELL SITUATED: Bedrooms should allow the bed to be placed on a solid wall and see the door easily while in bed. The houses with good feng shui shouldn’t have bedrooms over a garage, kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Important: Kindly consult any Feng Shui Consultant/Expert before making any changes.

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In Feng Shui your front door is called the “Mouth of Chi”. In other words, the way your front door looks, the quality of chi that enters your house. These factors affects your Prosperity and Luck. We are attracted to beauty and so is Chi. A beautiful attractive house is a magnet for Good Luck. A house that has nice paint, an attractive front door, nice view and lighting all determines the energy that enters your home.

The quality of energy outside the house determines the quality of energy inside the house. 

• The paint is in good shape.
• It is swept and clean.
• The door is dust-free and attractive.
• The door looks auspicious.
• The doormat is in good shape.
• Plants are vibrant and healthy (if not replace).
• The lighting around the door looks good.
• There is no trash/rubbish bin close by.

Give your front door a good make over, and if necessary, change the front door or repaint it. Swap the door handle with a new model handle, clean the dust out of the lamp light, and add some attractive plants.

Important: Kindly consult any Feng Shui Consultant/Expert before making any changes.