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8 Best Feng Shui Products and their Uses

What Chinese people have been using for ages is the newest fad. Feng Shui, it is. This heritage of Chinese has gained popularity over time. It is now being used profusely across the world. The impact is such that has left people spellbound. It is about correcting and balancing the Chi (positive energy) around you. Following Feng Shui helps gives a boost to positivity and energy in your lives. There is no shortage of customers who can vouch for the results seen from using Feng Shui products. Married life or single/Personal life or professional – there is a cure for just everything.

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Lee is an expert in this art and believes in helping others using the same.

Here is a list of 8 Best Feng Shui products and their uses available at the online store:

  1. Chinese Coins – These are used to attract wealth and money. Further, they are used to protect and bring good luck. Place these coins in the money area of your home or office. They can be hanged visible to all or maybe hidden – as the need be. You can also carry them in your wallet or purse. 3 coins tied together in a red ribbon are readily available everywhere.  At your workplace, they can be kept with your financial documents or any important place. They can even be worn as jewelry to attract positive energy towards you.
  2. Bagua Mirror – This is one product that should be used if it is advised by an expert. Consult before you place it at your home or workplace. Bagua Mirror is used to deflect negative energy from flowing in. It is to be placed at the top wall of your front door facing outwards. There is a variety of Bagua Mirror sold in the market. Hence, consulting an expert is essential. You can find it in different shapes like convex, concave and flat. Further, the early heaven sequence and the later heaven sequence are two different types available.
  3. Wind Chimes – These are common in numerous homes. They are a common item used for decoration purpose. However, the hidden purpose is to enhance the positive energy of the place. It gets it energy from the sound it makes. Therefore, to avail benefits it should be placed such to make sound and not stay stagnant. The material with which wind chimes are made of determines the right place. Bronze and metal wind chimes are ideal for Northwest or else West. Wooden or bamboo wind chimes are ideal for East or Southeast. Better the sound, more energy it attracts.
  4. Dragon – Feng Shui has numerous animals as products. One such common Feng Shui animal is the Dragon. Traditionally, it was a symbol of the emperor and happens to be one of the four celestial animals. As per Feng Shui, it should be placed in the East or left side of the place when looking from inside. Dragons made of wood are preferred over any other one. It is recommended to place a dragon at high energy areas like home, office, dining or living room. Avoid keeping it in low-energy areas. A dragon is considered to attract wealth. It is always better to consult an expert before you place a powerful item around you.
  5. Turtle – It is also one of the four celestial animals. It represents North or backside of your premise. It symbolizes support, longevity, and protection just like the shell protects the turtle. A stone turtle is at times used to cure the negative energy coming from outside. The shell should face the incoming Xa Qi (negative energy) by sitting around your front door or on your balcony. If the backside of your home lacking the support, then a tortoise can be placed to balance out the effect. You can find turtles made of glass, metals, resins, crystals and more.
  6. Buddha Statues – They are ideal for attracting positive energy. Buddha statues are widely used as gift options as well. They should be placed at a place where they can be respected. We should not place them in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Laughing Buddha is the most common of all Feng Shui items. It signifies a happy man and invites success, financial gains and wealth for all. Remember to place it in the right place to reap benefits. Place a laughing Buddha statue on a corner table facing the front door greeting the guests with it.
  7. Crystals – Crystals can be used to create good Feng Shui energy in your premises. These are used more in western Feng Shui as against classical Feng Shui. There are various crystals available in the market. The type of crystal determines where it is to be placed and it matters. Like, purple amethyst is used to clear negative energy in the area. Two rose quartz hearts are beneficial for promoting a better relationship. It should be placed in Southwest direction for best results. Further, there are crystal pyramids available. They can be placed in your drawing room to attract goodies in your home.
  8. Evil Eye – It is a part of classical Feng Shui and used to stimulate good luck. Evil Eye is also used to neutralize evil and negative energies that can affect your family or home. It is also used by many for gifting purpose that symbolizes positivity for them. You can choose from an evil eye bracelet to a wall hanging and much more. It can protect you from any harm that can happen from negative and jealous people around. Keep it in your bag or wallet for attracting good fortune. When hanged in vehicles, it increases your travel luck.

To understand Feng Shui and its products well, consulting an expert is necessary. Proper positioning of the products is important and so is choosing the right product. Lee has been practicing classical Feng Shui for many years. She has the best advice to serve her clients with. She is known to have brought good luck, happiness and wealth in her clients’ lives.

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15 Effective Tips to Feng Shui your Bedroom

The bedroom is the most important and sacred place of a home. It is the place where everyone retires to rest and sleep well. It should be calm, soothing and relaxing. Your Feng Shui room should pay special attention to the bedroom design and bedroom decorations. Having a good feng shui room that promotes good chi is very important. Otherwise, this will create unnecessary problems that affect your everyday life. Here are some Feng Shui Tips for your bedroom

1 Avoid a window behind the bed

When deciding about your Feng Shui room, proper planning is essential. A window behind a bed indicates a bad Feng Shui room. This arrangement makes a person sleeping vulnerable to the formation of the Yin spirit. Good sense goes back into the game. Cold night air affects a person’s sleep and this, in turn, makes the person become nervous and moody.

2 Use warm, calm colors for your Feng Shui room

After balancing the color scheme, some basic elements can be used to ensure the natural flow of energy into the room. Ensure that the bed is away from the wall, as this will allow the energy to circulate around the entire bed. This also means that you and your partner will feel the same in the bedroom as long as you can sleep and get out of bed.

3 Do not put live plants or aquarium in your Feng Shui room

Common sense plays a role in designing your Feng Shui room. Flowers compete with you for oxygen at night, and aquarium water can cause moisture and moisture in your bedroom furniture. Your plants and aquariums should be located outside the room to avoid health problems.

4 Keep your Feng Shui room clean and diffused

Open the bedroom windows during the day. This allows a good “chi” or energy to flow freely into your room. You should also make sure that your room is comfortable and well-maintained. This is part of a good Feng Shui room habit that will help dissipate stagnant “chi” that can cause health and monetary problems.

5 Avoid exposing the ceiling beams to the bed

The exposed ceilings are a harmful and dangerous Feng Shui room, as this leads to family disarmament and unceasing struggles. The effect becomes stronger when ceiling girders are structural.

6 Remove the TV

Removing as many electric appliances from the bedroom is an integral part of this type of decoration. The less electricity flows through your room, the better. When you remove the electrical current from your room, your body does not capture harmful EMFs that can cause an internal imbalance. You can sleep better at night without distracting a TV or a computer.

7 Do not work in your room.

This is an excellent example of Feng Shui, which is simply practical. The active energy of labor can not be combined with the passive energy of sleep. To improve Feng Shui, you should move your office to another room or at least hide it during your sleep. Reading work materials on the number of beds – if necessary, read on the couch in your living room. It is better for the bed and the bedroom to be just for sleeping and for intimate moments.

8 Never place a toilet directly above the main door

The main door is the most crucial part of the house and should be kept inexpensive. A toilet directly above the main door (upstairs) ruins the feng shui at the entrance to the house. This is a big taboo when it comes to toilets. If your bathroom is so, you will need to change the bathroom or main entrance. This configuration brings not only unhappiness but also tragedies and misfortunes.

9. Avoid plants or water features in the room

Fresh plants and flowers are alive and active and have yang energy, and excess yang disrupts the Yin nature of a room and can cause cracks and problems with your significant half, and sleep. Moreover, there are no moving water features in the place such as fountains and fish ponds, water or symbols such as photos of rivers and lakes, as this can cause infidelity and marital problems. This does not apply to toilets and small insignificant water, such as a glass of water or a cup of water.

10 Remove the mirrors from the room.

The mirrors will reflect the energy and experiences of the last day of sleep. You want to free your mind and prepare for new days and new things while you sleep. Then remove all the mirrors or hide them from the room.

11. Side lateral tables are the best.

Every corner you headed to Feng Shui produces “cutting chi” that is not good for your health and is especially bad when you sleep. If possible, find round side tables or cover the sharp corners with soft fabrics. This, in turn, is a common sense. It is not good to have the opportunity to get into a sharp edge if you have to get up in the night.

12 Eliminate the dirt in your room

This is probably one of the most basic Feng Shui room tips you will find, but it is also the most effective. Many of us underestimate the power that agglomeration can have over our lives. Feng Shui assumes that the disorder can block chi or energy. Try to organize your room, and you will certainly sleep better at night.

13 Set the mood

If you want to create an intimate feeling in your room, keep it clean and tidy, eliminate any clutter, light candles and incense, turn on the lights, change the Feng Shui crystals to the windows and put the house or apartment alone for yours and your partner. Finally, close the bedroom door to save the energy you’ve created for an intimate moment with your partner.

14 Use candles

Candles are a great way to gather the energy that surrounds you and the bedroom. However, take care to take obvious safety precautions and make sure the spark plugs are burning correctly.

15. Firm mattress

It is preferable for the person to sleep on a firm mattress. It provides body support and environmental isolation.


These are just a few of feng shui tips for the home that you need to consider to have a harmonious time in your bed.

Important: Kindly consult any Feng Shui Consultant/Expert before making any changes.